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Unveil and Understand the 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery center

The journey to addiction recovery is indeed courageous and transformative. However, just like any journey, the process involves a plethora of challenges in every stage. 

When it comes to addiction recovery treatment, you may come across a lot of theories. But one of the most enduring and effective ones is the transtheoretical stages of the addiction recovery model. If you are willing to withdraw yourself from substances and navigate the road to healing, it’s important to understand each and every stage properly. It will provide you with valuable insights, helping you make the right decision.

Stage 1: Precontemplation Stage

The precontemplation stage refers to the initial stage of addiction recovery treatment. In this stage, individuals may not be ready for any treatment program as they believe their behavior is completely normal. They may not even realize that their addiction is problematic and contains heavy life risks. Such behavior is definitely frustrating for family members and friends. Since patients fail to understand the importance of the treatment, loved ones must make them realize its need. 

Lack of knowledge is not the only reason that people are stuck in this stage. Even those with multiple failed attempts and treatment options remain in this stage. But reality says, anyone willing to recover can achieve a better life regardless of the stage he belongs to.

Stage 2: Contemplation Stage

In this stage, addicted people start recognizing their own problems associated with alcohol or drug addiction. They may not be ready for immediate treatment, but they feel guilty about their behavior and the impact on their loved ones. It is when they try to control or reduce their intake of substances but unfortunately, they fail. Individuals can remain in this stage for several years and can even jump back to the precontemplation stage if not provided proper help.   

Stage 3: Preparation Stage

Individuals in this stage have already realized their mistake and desperately desire sobriety. It is when they start learning how to overcome addiction and prepare for a change. Many individuals follow certain steps or actions for a complete recovery. For instance, they join a gym or visit a counselor without reaching out to an addiction recovery treatment center. If any of your close ones are in this stage, you should guide the person and suggest seeking the help of addiction recovery specialists. 

Stage 4: Action Stage

It is pretty challenging to get from the preparation stage and enter the action stage. Experts call this one of the hardest jumps for an individual depending on alcohol, drugs, or other substances. It is because the process requires self-discipline and strong patience for a patient to embark on a journey to recovery and achieve a fulfilling life. But of course, every individual requires a solid support network for proper and effective action. The common actions involve the therapies required to gain resilience and learn how to withdraw from substances. A trusted addiction recovery center is always ready with custom treatment plans to help patients in this stage.

Stage 5: Maintenance Stage

The maintenance stage is the last and final stage where individuals fight against substance use disorder. Addiction specialists in a well-structured environment always provide substantial support through their relapse prevention therapies. They get them involved in regular exercise and meditation, recreational activities, group counseling, etc. They try to regain their confidence level and make them believe in their ability to maintain a healthy life for the long term. Though it took months or maybe years for a complete transformation, you can feel it from day one.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, starting a journey to sobriety and reclaiming a healthy lifestyle is a wise decision. But it’s quite unfortunate if you commence the process without any knowledge. Instead, you can look for authorities responsible for taking care of your health and helping you get rid of the withdrawal symptoms. 

Being a leading alcohol recovery center, SOZO Recovery Center always ensures that its patients are well aware of the process. We believe in maintaining transparency in every stage so that individuals can learn the roadmap for the recovery process. If you still need any guidance, you can contact our team and clear all your doubts. Give us a call and schedule your appointment today. 

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