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The SOZO Logo Story

Sozo logo story

SOZO Addiction Recovery Center believes in God’s grace, forgiveness, and the successful rehabilitation and recovery from the disease of addiction. The very word ‘sozo’ in Greek signifies healing, making whole and well – and saving.

The SOZO Logo is a representation of two graphic figures with arms interlocking. Combined they form the letter ‘S’, the first letter of the word ‘Sozo’, but on a deeper level, the image symbolizes SOZO’s individual mentoring, one-to-one approach, and their deeply relational and loving personality.

The recovery walk at the core of SOZO’s approach is taken ‘together’, two men, arm-in-arm, on their journey towards sobriety alongside Jesus. The images are shown interlocking – like a chain link – representing the power of the message in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, “two are better than one”.

The color purple symbolizes repentance, as well as wisdom, dignity, and devotion. The yellow symbolizes renewal, hope, and light. Orange symbolizes courage, endurance, and strength. All are crucial elements for the organization and the men it serves.