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Success Stories

Jason C.

Hello, my name is Jason C. and I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is 2.11.21 – thanks to God and the Lord’s work being performed at Sozo. I am 35 years old and have battled with drug addiction and alcoholism since I was a teenager. Before hitting rock bottom and being given the opportunity to recover at Sozo, I could only manage to achieve 3 months of sobriety on my own. My own program was to not work the 12 steps and not stay committed to my sponsor. 

That all changed when I arrived at Sozo where I resided for one year. I was launched into a rigorous course of action to try and solve my problem with alcohol. And it worked. I worked the 12 steps and stayed committed to my sponsor.

I did not give up and pushed through the tough times of new sobriety. The fellowship, brotherhood and community helped guide me through the tough times.

I would hear that I could not imagine just how good my life would become after 1 year of sobriety. That is completely true, I have absolute freedom from the bottle and pill, a strong relationship with my higher power, and am excelling in my career far beyond my imagination. Currently living in Northwest Arkansas, I now have the ability to help others recover from the destructive lifestyle that we may have become accustomed to. I thank God and SOZO for my sobriety and all achievements that happen to come with it. It works if you work it!!

Jonathan R.

My Name is Jonathan R. and I am an alcoholic. I came to SOZO June 21st 2021 which is also my sobriety date. I began drinking after a heart attack at age 31. After 5 years of isolation drinking that led to multiple trips to the hospital, diabetes, and almost having my son taken away, I landed at SOZO. I spent 6 months in treatment working on my physical, mental and spiritual health.

I have no words to describe how SOZO not only changed my life, but how SOZO gave me a life better than I could have ever imagined.

I now have an incredible relationship with my higher power, I have my son everyday and a wonderful relationship with my mother and the rest of my family. Also, I have the blessing of working in recovery. I am the General Service Representative for my AA group and get the chance to be a part of others’ stories.

SOZO will have a special place in my heart forever and I will never be able to give back what SOZO has given me. However, I will try and do everything I can for as long as I can to show my appreciation and help the next man.

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