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5 Common Challenges People Face in the Addiction Recovery Process

addiction recovery program

Quitting drugs and alcohol and embarking on a journey to recovery seems to be an easy job. But the reality speaks differently. For many individuals, the decision to get rid of substances and start a fulfilling life is full of challenges and setbacks. Therefore, understanding the complexities of an addiction recovery program is essential before embarking on this journey to sobriety. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about the challenges people often face while undergoing addiction recovery treatment. Understanding these barriers can help the person concerned with the proper support and counseling. Let’s have a look.

  1. Address trauma and embarrassment: One of the prime reasons that individuals rely on substances is to address trauma and embarrassment regarding any situation. During this recovery process, they are challenged to deal with this trauma without taking any drug dosage. Indeed, this requires a lot of effort, time, and bravery to battle these issues and lead a stress-free life. However, with the help of therapists in rehab, patients can experience rewarding personal growth.  
  1. Developing new coping strategies: In the journey of embracing sobriety, recovering addicts have to develop new coping strategies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and many more. This helps establish a new lifestyle, manage stress, and deal with anxiety and cravings. Unfortunately, people find trouble in developing these skills and start a new life. That’s when a team of counselors and therapists comes to the rescue. They identify the behaviors and guide patients so that they can thrive in sobriety.  
  1. Building new relationships: The most depressing thing about this journey is people find themselves guilty and so they are afraid of building new relationships. Even they avoid building social networks that provide love, support, and friendship. In rehab, patients struggling with this are challenged to build new relationships with peers in the same environment. Further, they are asked to make amends with loved ones. It may take weeks or months, as the process is never easy. 
  1. Cravings: Patients during their struggle, experience plenty of cravings. After all, it’s hard to refuse substances when you are preparing to get rid of them. Therapists in the rehab call it a next-level challenge. They provide a multifaceted approach that includes identifying and avoiding triggers and behavioral strategies that help overcome withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, reaching out to them is the best decision.
  1. Relapse: Do you know medicinal experts consider addiction a chronic disease? As a result, relapse is very common in this scenario. In worst cases, it can be dangerous and make people feel depressed and disappointed about everything. At a drug rehab, professionals help people with relapse prevention. They come up with meditation programs and organize various activities, keeping patients engaged and stress-free. 


Does any of your loved ones need a long-term addiction recovery program? In such a scenario, you can be his recovery partner helping him to overcome the challenges by taking him to a reliable rehab. 

SOZO Addiction Recovery Center offers a safe and constructive environment for people suffering from substance use disorders. If you want your patient to relive a beautiful life free from drugs and alcohol, SOZO can be the right destination. Contact us today and let the experts help the patient with a personalized treatment plan. 

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