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 Residential Addiction Treatment
Start Your Residential Addiction Treatment at SOZO in Arkansas
Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment programs, often referred to as inpatient rehabilitation, provide a structured therapeutic environment where individuals battling substance abuse focus entirely on their healing. In this treatment,  patients temporarily live at the treatment facility and attain 24-hour medical and emotional support. 

SOZO Addiction Recovery Center conducts an inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program. These residential addiction treatment programs in Hot Springs, AR have been designed to promote higher life qualities, long-term success in recovery, and balanced, sustainable lifestyles.

We take a whole-health approach to helping our patients achieve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. By providing a diverse range of treatments, we’re able to customize our care to suit the needs of the individual. Therefore, if you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, taking part in our inpatient program will create a solid foundation for lasting recovery.


Being one of the leading residential treatment centers in Arkansas, we are committed to offer ASAM Level III Residential Addiction Treatment. It is a comprehensive level of care designed for individuals who require a structured recovery environment and round-the-clock support. Recognized by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Level III care is ideal for those coping with moderate to severe addiction issues and requires a more intensive approach.

residential addiction treatment

The ASAM Level III is further classified into several sub-levels. Each level offers a specific standard of care to accommodate the varying needs of individuals on their journey to recovery:

This level offers 24-hour low-intensity treatment for both adults and adolescents in a residential setting. From promoting recovery to reducing relapse and re-integrative skills, medical personnel provide at least 5 hours of clinical service per week.

This is an adult-only level of 24-hour care in a residential setting designed to stabilize imminent danger among people with cognitive disability or other impairments. It involves a lesser degree of social and group treatment.

This addiction treatment level is ideal for individuals who need a highly structured, clinically intensive environment. It is appropriate for individuals with a higher risk of withdrawal and relapse.


We provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can focus on their recovery. Our inpatient treatment program is conducted in a secure and closed-campus setting, thereby providing one to one attention to all our patients. It effectively helps them get rid of stress, temptations, and challenges of the outside world.

Besides, our rehab facility lets patients learn:
We excel in providing
Vacation-Style Addiction Recovery

We  believe an ideal drug rehab center should offer a peaceful stay away from the triggers and challenges that foster or support addictions. Hence, we come up with a comfortable atmosphere, and our services represent a balanced blend of structure and self-discovery. Our inpatient substance abuse treatment programs include –

Patients can also enjoy significant breaks between each scheduled activity. During this time, they can socialize, relax in their rooms, or engage in various forms of recreation. 

Our well-maintained campus allows individuals to explore new hobbies and engage in many other forms of self-development. Getting involved in such activities leads them to enjoyable, exciting, and ultimately fulfilling lives free of substances.

Get a Fresh Start With Our Inpatient Treatment Program

At SOZO, our goal is to help our clients reclaim their freedom. By taking an individualized, whole-health to patient care, we’ve helped countless people achieve sobriety. Moreover, they also develop the skills for maintaining it long after their treatment has ended.

We offer a comfortable, caring environment that’s safe, secure, and rich with a dynamic range of therapies, and activities. Our clients spend their entire time in treatment focusing on getting well, building their lives that they’ve always wanted. That’s why we are recognized as one of the reliable and reputed inpatient alcohol treatment centers in Arkansas.

If you or your loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. Get in touch with us now at 501-984-5317 to learn more about our programs or to set up a consultation.