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Your Journey to Recovery Begins Here
beginning your treatment journey with sozo recovery center

Admitting and addressing addiction can be challenging, but it’s a crucial step towards recovery. Wondering how to embark on a journey that can change your life with proper addiction treatment? The journey toward addiction recovery begins with the acknowledgment of the need for assistance. Once this is realized, determining where to seek addiction treatment admissions becomes crucial.  SOZO Addiction Recovery Center offers a straightforward and confidential way to take those first steps.

Our Addiction Treatment  Admissions process

We provide comprehensive support to help you overcome addiction. Our dedicated addiction treatment admissions team ensures a smooth and efficient recovery process.

Tell us your story

Feel free to contact our addiction rehab facility before enrolling. You can even seek the help of your family member or friend to reach us and initiate the conversation. Our empathetic team is always available to lend an ear. This is your opportunity to share your story and explain why you chose this moment to seek help.

Many of our staff members have personal experience with addiction and understand the journey to recovery. Share your story without fear and we will guide you through the steps of the recovery process.


Upon admission for treatment, we schedule a confidential pre-assessment. In this comprehensive process, we will inquire about your present mental state, physical limitations, and any medical concerns that can influence your treatment. This helps us gain a thorough understanding of your clinical requirements and provide you with a personalized treatment plan. 

Our program incorporates both group therapy sessions, addressing a range of issues. In the initial days of the recovery process, you may face challenges. But as you overcome them, you will discover the tranquil and therapeutic environment of our SOZO Men’s Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Center.

    Speak with Our Admissions Team to Begin Your  Treatment journey

    We are committed to providing you with effective and personalized care while ensuring a seamless and tailored experience. So, don’t stay stuck in a cycle of negative outcomes. Take the first step towards healing and reclaiming your life with addiction treatment admissions at SOZO.


    SOZO Addiction Recovery Center follows the ASAM Criteria for our admissions process evaluations, ensuring that each client is properly treated in accordance with their personal care needs.

    We recognize that addiction is multifaceted and requires a comprehensive treatment program to ensure the best outcome. Our team of professionals provides an individualized plan for each person addressing their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs.

    The ASAM Criteria sets the standards for a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, guiding patient placement and treatment planning. These guidelines define six crucial dimensions to evaluate, including:

    Additionally, the ASAM Criteria provides standards for rating risks in each dimension and determining the least intensive, yet safe level of care to meet individual treatment needs. Following this criteria for an informed and effective approach to treatment planning provides guidance that ensures optimal decision-making and personalized care.

    What our ClientS Say ABOUT…
    Insurance and Payment Information

    For many people, the cost of addiction treatment is one of the major concerns. Indeed, high-quality rehab services are costly, but if you have a variety of treatment payment options you can easily overcome this problem. At SOZO, we allow you to explore all available options to make your addiction treatment accessible and affordable.

    Payment METHODS
    Flexible Spending Account
    Private Insurance
    Private Pay

    SOZO Addiction Recovery Center is included in the network of the following insurance providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, AmBetter, and QualChoice. Depending on your policy type our therapy costs, counseling, and recovery program could be partially or fully covered by the insurance for addiction treatment.  

    If your insurance is out of network do not let that be a deterrent to seeking treatment at SOZO.  We are able to work with out of network insurance companies in many cases to authorize payment for care. 

    We will give you detailed insights during your pre-intake conversation to help you find out:

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    Admissions counselors play a pivotal role assisting individuals in exploring their payment alternatives. They provide guidance so clients can make practical and manageable arrangements to receive the necessary assistance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Address the common concerns and questions regarding the costs of addiction treatment, reassuring potential clients that the admissions counselors can assist in exploring all available options to make treatment accessible and affordable.

    Depending on the kind and duration of treatment, the expenses for addiction treatment vary. It’s crucial to keep in mind that paying for treatment now can actually save costs long-term, because it prevents the costs related to substance use. However, to get the exact range of expenses, opt for a consultation.

    AmBetter, QualChoice, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are some of the insurances we cover. Therapy, counseling, and other recovery programs may be fully or partially reimbursed by your insurance for addiction treatment, depending on your specific policy. Our admissions counselors can assist you in understanding your insurance benefits and coverage.

    If your insurance is out of network do not let that be a deterrent to seeking treatment at SOZO.  We are able to work with out of network insurance companies in many cases to authorize payment for care. 

    Don’t let finance be an obstacle to getting professional assistance. Our admissions counselors can help you explore financial aid resources and suggest payment plans thereby guiding you in making finances manageable and affordable for treatment.