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 Medical Detox
Address Acute Intoxication with Medical Detox Program in Arkansas

Do you rely on substances to cope with stress, trauma, or emotional pain? Stopping their usage suddenly can lead to serious mental and physical health challenges. This is exactly when seeking medical detoxification is crucial.

Medical detoxification serves as an essential step in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. It assists individuals in safely withdrawing from substances while managing the associated physical and psychological symptoms. At SOZO Addiction Recovery Center, we recognize the significance of the medical detox program in Arkansas and prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients. We assist in placement services for clients who need this healing approach and help them create a strong foundation for a successful recovery journey.

ASAM Level IV: Intensive Care for Severe Withdrawal

Being one of the trusted detox treatment centers in Hot Springs, AR, we are committed to guiding individuals in safely withdrawing from substances while managing associated symptoms. We ensure that it follows the ASAM level IV: Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Treatment. Though SOZO doesn’t offer this level itself, it makes sure patients get the proper treatment.

The ASAM Level IV program is designed to provide intensive care for individuals with severe withdrawal symptoms or medical complications associated with substance use. It involves 24-hour nursing and physician care for adults with medical, emotional, behavioral, or cognitive issues along with 16 hours of counseling every day.

Medical Detox Programs for Lasting Recovery

We believe – your safety is our priority. Hence, we ensure that our patients interested in medical detox programs undergo some crucial steps. These involve –

Clinical Evaluation

This is the initial step of our Arkansas medical drug detox program. It involves determining the substances consumed by the patients, identifying mental health issues, and setting up a treatment plan for complete recovery.


This is considered the longest phase of this addiction treatment program. During this time, the medical professionals will provide continuous monitoring and treat the withdrawal symptoms.

Final Therapy

In the final stage, the medical experts create a long-term plan to help patients develop skills for relapse prevention and resume their regular lives. This therapy involves multiple options like residential treatment, outpatient treatment, etc.

So, if you are seeking medical detox for alcohol, Arkansas’s SOZO can provide you with the best wellness assistance.

Learn More About Medical Detoxification Placement

Embarking on a journey to recovery through ASAM Level IV Medical Detox is a significant decision. We at SOZO’s Men Faith-Based Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center appreciate your courage and strive to make this critical stage as comfortable, safe, and effective as possible. Our therapeutic support services are designed to promote well-being, nurture personal growth, and foster a sense of community among our patients. If you or your loved one requires this level of care, contact us today. 

Call us and learn more about our medical detox program and start the journey to an addiction-free life.