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During the month of March, A.A. groups all over the world will be holding meetings and discussing the Third Step: “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him”.

Many 12 steppers relate to the word, “will” as being our thinking, and the word “lives” as being our actions. Therefore, to achieve the spirituality they seek, they turn their thinking and their actions over to the care of God. Many folks who are unfamiliar with the 12-step process would say, with a bit of alarm, that this is a pretty tall order and would wonder if they turn their will and life over to God, what would be left of them?

What 12 steppers understand is that the process of surrendering our will and our lives to God does not detract from us…….it adds to our lives what no human can add. SOZO graduates also understand that this surrender is a process that takes time to truly become active in all aspects of our lives. And none of us do it perfectly and we learn to accept our “humanness”.

An important part of this surrender is the formation of a truly practical working relationship with the God of our understanding. We recognize that God is not Santa Claus and the benefits of our relationship come quicker and longer-lasting when we do our part.

In the past couple of years, more than 160 SOZO residents have become baptized as part of this surrendering of their will and lives while they’re here in treatment. All the clients, staff, and visitors to the SOZO campus have witnessed the presence of God in the lives of all who come here for healing.

So, March on the SOZO campus has a special meaning. I truly hope that it does in your life as well.

Bob O’Dowd, Executive Director, Emeritus

SOZO Addiction Recovery Center

Office: 501-984-5317

Cell: 501-226-9575