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If you’re like me, you’ve broken dozens of resolutions over the years:

1) I’m going to lose weight

2) I’m going to start exercising

3) I’m going to read a book

4) I’m going to get a hobby

5) I’m going to work less

6) ETC.

7) ETC.

8) ETC.

What’s so deadly about breaking those resolutions? Perhaps nothing. but, when your resolutions include, “I’m going to stop drinking alcohol”, you have reached a moment in the progression of the disease of dependency THAT IS A VERY SERIOUS MOMENT IN TIME.

“Normal or “social” drinkers do not make resolutions to quit drinking because drinking has not started to be a noticeable problem in their lives.

So, the fact that you have either broken the resolution to stop drinking in former years or you’re planning to make that resolution this year, is a serious matter and there is something that you need to know:

The American Medical Association has long ago defined alcoholism as a progressive disease that always gets Worse, never better…..until the progression of dependency is stopped by 100% abstinence.

So, what’s the problem with making a resolution to stop drinking and then breaking that resolution?

1) If your drinking is at the “resolution stage”…that’s a problem.

2) “Breaking” the resolution means you cannot stop drinking…that’s a problem.

If these two problems concern you, I strongly suggest that you call us for an informative conversation and free consultation on a matter that just might save your life and help you enjoy many happy new years to come.

All the best in 2023!

Bob O’Dowd, Executive Director

SOZO Addiction Recovery Center

Office: 501-984-5317

Cell: 501-226-9575