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God in His wisdom selected the men of SOZO to be the messengers of His goodness. In selecting SOZO men to carry this amazing message of recovery, He did not go to the proud, the mighty, the famous or the brilliant. He went, instead, to the humble, to the sick, to the unfortunate. He Went directly to the addict/alcoholic, the so-called weakling of the world.

Well might He have said to us………

“Unto your week and feeble hands, I have entrusted a power beyond estimate. To you has been given that which has been denied the most learned of your fellows. Not to scientists or statesmen, and even my priests, rabbis and ministers have I given this gift of healing other addicts and alcoholics—which I know entrusted YOU.

This gift of recovery must be used unselfishly; it carries with it grave responsibility. No day can be too long; no demands upon your time can be ignored, no man be too pitiful, no task too hard; no effort too great. The gift must be used with tolerance for I have restricted no race, no creed, and no denomination. You may encounter personal criticism, lack of appreciation will be common, ridicule may be your lot, your motives may be misjudged. You might be prepared for adversity, for what men call “adversity”, you must use as the ladder to spiritual growth and, remember, in the exercise of this power, I shall not exact from you that which is beyond your capabilities.

You are not selected because of your exceptional talent. If success in carrying the message of recovery comes your way, be careful not to claim personal superiority and pride for something that was given to you by Me as a gift. If I had wanted learned men to accomplish this mission, the power would have been entrusted to the physician and the scientist. If I had wanted eloquent men, there would have been many who were anxious to receive the gift because TALK is the easiest of talents I have bestowed upon mankind. If I had wanted scholarly people to carry this gift, the world is filled with better qualified men.

You were chosen because you have been the outcasts of the world and your long experience with addiction has made—OR SHOULD HAVE MADE—you humbly aware of the cries and distress and misery that comes from addicts and alcoholics everywhere. Keep ever in mind the surrender you made on the day you asked for help—remember your admission of powerlessness and that it was only with your willingness to turn your life and your will unto MY keeping that relief was granted to you as a gift that must be shared.”

A SOZO Brother’s Prayer

Dear God,

Help me to lift up my brothers in recovery so that their every moment here at SOZO will bear witness to your grace and your spiritual inspiration for all of us.

Help me to seek and find the goodness that you have placed in each and every one of us. And help me to accept our shortcomings as I develop my own recovery program to overcome my personal defects of character.

And God, as I go out from this special place and time at SOZO, please give me the courage, strength, and willingness to carry this message of faith and recovery to those in need that I meet on my ongoing journey toward Your loving embrace.


Bob O’Dowd, Executive Director