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Why some New Year’s resolutions to stop drinking/drugging don’t work


As Executive Director of SOZO Addiction Recovery Center, and a recovering alcoholic myself, i have seen thousands of failed resolutions to stop the addictive use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Every single failed resolution had two critical shortcomings:  

  1. The resolution was made in the solitude of the addict/alcoholic’s mind and
  2. There was no program of recovery that followed the resolution.

Those of us who have achieved recovery from addiction have learned that stopping substance abuse is a “we process”. None of us made it alone.

To help increase your chances that your 2022 resolution to quit drinking/drugging has every chance to succeed, give SOZO Addiction Recovery Center a call to talk to a friendly staff member in confidence about finding a sober lifestyle that is happy, joyous and free.

2022 can be your greatest year yet!

Bob O’Dowd, Executive Director